How many social networks are there?

5th August 2010 | 6 Comments »
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p>Separating the wheat from the chaff for trademark owners.

The growth of Social networks, or member-based communities,?are exploding.?? A conservative estimate is 4,000 active networks.? Included in this list is Ning, a platform for building your own social network that boasts hosting over 300,000 different networks.

Of course, not all of these social networks will survive and trademark owners can safely ignore them.?? But with usernames on social networks now serving the same function as domain names, trademark owners can easily feel?overwhelmed in identifying which networks they should care about.

The challenge is –how do you determine?which ones warrant trademark protection?

TM.Biz addresses this problem by?measuring the popularity of each social network, based on website traffic and the degree to which members can promote themselves.

From these measurements, we have identified the top 50, top 100, top 250 and top 500 social networks.? Trademark owners can then decide how deep they want to protect their trademarks.

TM.Biz also tracks when new social networks rise in popularity enough to warrant being added to the top 500, 250, 100 or top 50 list.? We then notify interested trademark owners and help them secure their trademarks on these new social networks.

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