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Dormant accounts on Facebook and Twitter available on request

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Trademark owners should take note of an article, How Adam Got @Adam and Became Cool Online in today’s Wall Street Journal about usernames on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

The article mentions that accounts are considered dormant if not used for six months. Although they may

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not be deleted, they are vulnerable to reassignment upon a request.

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This can be a simple way for trademark owners to reclaim usernames representing their trademarks.


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this is also be a warning for trademark owners who have defensively reserved accounts on social networks to protect their trademarks but are not using them. It’s important that the account are kept active, as well.

Read the

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full article and let us know your thoughts.

Service Update: New Power Tool Enables Portfolio Audit of Usernames on Social Networks

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Today, we’re launching Power Tool, a significant addition to our workflow tool to help secure trademarks and brands on social networks. Power Tool allows enterprises to upload their portfolio of trademarks and search for matching usernames across the Internet’s top 500 social networks. Users can investigate taken names, reserve available usernames and share results.

To celebrate the launch, we’re waiving fees for Power Tool during the month of November.

Read the rest of our formal announcement here:

The TM.Biz Power Tool can be used to achieve different objectives within the lifecycle of a trademark.  It can be used as a bulk availability search for a list of names of a proposed new brand or to research a company’s entire trademark portfolio. Search terms can be entered in a search box using cut-and-paste or uploaded via a simple text file.

“This is an opportunity for trademark owners to perform a portfolio audit to see how well they are protected on social media and to determine if there is social squatting on their trademarks,” says Tom Barrett, President of TM.Biz. “Most trademark owners are concerned about Facebook and Twitter, but lesser known sites such as Habbo and Qzone with a combined membership of 300 million users is also where they could be exposed. Our new service searches the 500 most popular social media sites and we’re offering Power Tool for free during the month of November.”

The TM.Biz Power Tool works offline, freeing up the user to do other work while it is processed. Once completed, users can review the results in a single report or review the results online using the TM.Biz dashboard. Reports are also available in downloadable text-only formats to allow law firms and resellers to generate private-label reports for their clients.

“With Power Tool, trademark owners can now search hundreds of trademarks in one step, saving them weeks of labor costs for a low price,” says Tom Barrett, President of TM.Biz. “TM.Biz is the only service that allows a one-step trademark search of usernames on the Internet’s top 500 social networks.”

In addition to TM.Biz’s Search capabilities, the TM.Biz’s workflow service also reserves social network usernames, generates in-use reports and offers annual watch subscriptions. Access to the service is restricted to trademark lawyers and brand managers. Eligible users are invited to apply for a free account at

How many social networks are there?

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

p>Separating the wheat from the chaff for trademark owners.

The growth of Social networks, or member-based communities,?are exploding.?? A conservative estimate is 4,000 active networks.? Included in this list is Ning, a platform for building your own social network that boasts hosting over 300,000 different networks.

Of course, not all of these social networks will survive and trademark owners can safely ignore them.?? But with usernames on social networks now serving the same function as domain names, trademark owners can easily feel?overwhelmed in identifying which networks they should care about.

The challenge is –how do you determine?which ones warrant trademark protection?

TM.Biz addresses this problem by?measuring the popularity of each social network, based on website traffic and the degree to which members can promote themselves.

From these measurements, we have identified the top 50, top 100, top 250 and top 500 social networks.? Trademark owners can then decide how deep they want to protect their trademarks.

TM.Biz also tracks when new social networks rise in popularity enough to warrant being added to the top 500, 250, 100 or top 50 list.? We then notify interested trademark owners and help them secure their trademarks on these new social networks.